Dude Who Never Paid Me (Clothed and Nude)


Good evening! I hope you're having a lovely long weekend so far. I wanted to share some photos from a shoot in Atlanta from a dude who never paid me. We arranged a 2-3 hour shoot in a park, clothed and nude where he caught some shots of stuff that's more than I'm comfortable with, and then refused to pay me because he thought the shoot was free. He didn't seem right in the head at all so there was no point arguing with him, but it was kind of a shitty cherry on top of a shitty trip with tons of cancellations that made me barely break even and lose a role in a Giants commercial back home in SF. 

Anyways, it was definitely times like that when you guys gave me a lot of hope, warmth, and support, to know that there are real people who want to help me when other people try to take advantage of me while I pursue my dreams. You guys keep me going while I navigate this stuff and figure out the next chapter in my life, and I hope once I find my next passion, I can take you with me too. I hope you enjoy these pics of questionable quality and artistic value XD