Sooo I just found out that people are selling clothes I've worn on eBay. So there's that. I never thought I'd have to say this, but if you want anything, just ask me, don't get stuff off third parties :D so you can support the artist and I actually know what the hell is going on. 

Just arrived in Atlanta last night, and I'm having a great time so far! People are ridiculously friendly for a big city, and that's coming from a Texas girl. Lots of "how are you doing? Oh really, how's your uncle doing? I was just there last week." at reception desks, neighbors dropping off keys for each other. It feels a lot like Dallas so far with much more amenable weather. I heard that their aquarium has a whale shark! *SQUEEEEEEE*


It's always really nice to travel to another city, even for just a bit. It forces your mind out of its little rut and introduces you to a whole world of new people. It reminds you that you can always start again, fall in love, be the pioneer of your own life. I'll keep you, my beloved patrons, updated on my trip! 

pc: Ryan Johnson