*I'll post another set later today!*

I sometimes hesitate to commit to a certain body type because a) I'm Southern and don't believe everyone should aspire to the hella lean, slender modeley look, and b) I've always rankled against concepts of biopower esp in respect to women. But I think that really does look much more photogenic for me and will help me achieve what I want in my photos. So here's to the gradual resolution of internal conflicts and the unreserved refinement of my body and mind as an instrument for my art, a vessel for passions, and someday a conduit for greater purpose than myself.

Here's the uncensored version btw:  


Also, this Key and Peele skit is me 120%. I've watched it five times today. Maybe you can relate to it! 

Fan Questions:

1. What are you working on with yourself and how can we help? :)