My First Striptease Video!


Hi! I hope you're well! I'm currently frenziedly trying to get caught up with all my messages and arrangements. I just finished making custom videos for my  $29+ Patrons and will send them off after I post this. I made this video back when I was in Nashville but wasn't sure if I wanted to post it, but it's too fun not to share and I want to give you a fun preview of the what we can do with the short video and video chat tiers. 

So yeah, here's my first attempt. Hopefully I'll be less awkward and pwning the camera soon. I have so many cool ideas for short films with giant mirrors, shiny floors, body oil, and the like. Please send any ideas of things you'd like to see! Thank you so much again for your support :D


Access Link:

Sexy videosets available to $18, $29, $49, $99, and $150 Patrons