Sexy Parrot Toy Dance


Hello! I hope you're having a lovely weekend! I had a shoot on Thursday where the photographer gave me this necklace thing that his sister made. I think it's supposed to be a traditional Mexican art-influenced thing but I thought it looked exactly like the parrot toys I used to give my little lovebird, Atticus. He was my little pet birdy back in Houston and his happily living with ones of my exes back in Texas. Here's a drawing I did of us, if you're familiar with Bioshock Infinite.



Oh, and here's a parrot toy for reference:


Anyways, I was so tickled with this thing that I paired it off with rainbow thigh high socks and a transparent white leotard and went to town in front of my friend's blackout curtain to the tune of Skywalker by Miguel. It's not great stuff, or even good, but I think it can tide us over until I learn better dance moves or get drunk in the future. Disfrutas! 



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