Wild Wyoming River Nudes


Here are some nature nudes I took during a road trip to Wyoming to watch the 2017 solar eclipse :) I usually don't do nudes in nature because 1)I'm super sensitive to poison ivy 2)rocks are pointy, scratchy, and bruisey, 3)I chipped a tooth during a waterfall shoot and never got the pics back 4)I try not to flash children or non-consenting adults. This was an exception because it was so remote and it felt so good to scamper away from daily astronomy lectures conducted by our Dutch professor friends. 

I'm not sure if it's apparent here, but the river was almost white water level flow and I was terrified of losing my step and getting sucked into the water and pummeled by bladed faces of limestone. That didn't happen though, so we're good :D 

Looking back, I dearly wish I had started a Patreon earlier so I would have known to take videos. Now that you guys are always on my mind, though, I know to try to capture as much as I can live on film. Do you have any scary or exciting stories about being in nature?


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