Yoga Swing BTS Photos and Video (Nudes)


Wooh! Thanks for being patient with me. After I got home from my Georgia, Tennessee, and Alabama tour, I pretty much slept nonstop until today. The world was this liminal smear of somnolence and fleeting consciousness. That was definitely interesting! And now I feel reinvigorated to take on the world again one nekky picture at a time. 

Anyways, I did this odd shoot on a yoga swing in a remote area north of Atlanta. The photographer, Artistically Sexy, hung this from a tree by one of his properties that are under construction and asked me if I was familiar with it. "Yeah!" I replied, "I saw one of those in my mom's house last time I visited. I thought it was some kind of kinky sex thing." 

Few minutes later and I was joyfully dangling from it and flipping myself around. This thing takes a surprising amount of muscle engagement, particularly core and glutes for stability, so I was delighted that I could do this. It was just over a year ago that I was stuck in bed day after day from depression, all vealed out and barely able to walk more than a block, and now I'm on a backwoods grownup swing. My butt was sooo sore the day after, but totally worth it. 

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Nude photosets available to $4, $9, $18, $29, $49, $99, and $150Patrons 

Sexy videosets available to $18, $29, $49, $99, and $150 Patrons