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How are you! We're up a bit late :) If you follow either my Instagram or Facebook stories, you'll know that I post goofy little videos of myself and my life every day. I try to keep them playful and interesting. I can't stand other models' stories that are only their selfies with dog filters or shots of their food. Anyways, they're about 5-15 seconds long and disappear forever into the ether of the internet after 24 hours, and I have hundreds of these archived that I'd like to share with you over time. I posted 51 cute, silly ones, and 14 sexy, slinky ones, to thank you again for supporting me.

Car Nerding Stuff

I'm watching instructional videos because I want to start a sexy girl car detailing side gig so I can get more jobs near home instead of out of state, and wow, I had no idea detailing was soooo complex. I'm only going to learn the basics because I feel like that's what most people want, but it's nice to watch why my work won't look like the pros. Cleaning a cloudy headlight takes about ten steps with multiple grades of sanding, polishing, conditioning, and sealing. Cleaning a windshield first uses a razor blade to shear off dirt that's deeply bonded to the glass, and that looks so easy to fuck up and scratch the glass :O 

Detailing can be astonishingly technical and tools and techniques used are informed by material, chemistry, porosity, pressure, temperature, etc that bonds dirt or degrades the surface through decades of extreme conditions. It's easy to nerd out and I can see why it's a passion for some people, weird, weird OCD people who are too broke to buy fancy cars but can sure as hell clean them XD 

But the results are magical. You can take a beat up, old ass, historic car rotting in someone's garage, and lovingly polish it up to look better than brand new, just glowing, and glass smooth. I can take my dinged up 2013 Honda Fit that's been with me through cross country road trips, literal spilled milk in the upholstery, fender benders, water damage, etc, and hopefully make it young, bright, and beautiful again. Man, if only we could detail ourselves when we're old like we can our cars XD



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