Mare Island Duo Shoot


Hi everyone! I hope you're having a lovely week. How are you spending your summer? I've been doing a bunch of magic bubble shows for kids. I took over my friend's gigs when he had to leave town after his boyfriend passed away, and I enjoyed the work so much that I've kept doing it. It's cute and goofy and the complete opposite of glamorous and I'll do a video for you when I can! 

I did a shoot with Sam Shiva and model Inertia Creeps on a place called Mare Island. I don't know why it's called Mare Island, but I'm rewatching Silicon Valley and can't get that horse breeding scene out of my head. I really can't believe they included that in the show:

1 (3).gif

It's really fun to work with these too and a super chill atmosphere. I got a small fashion duo set, and an urban lingerie set in an awesome industrial setting. I posted the first one today and can't wait to share the second when I finish! 

1 (4).gif


Access Link:

Fashion photosets available to $1, $4, $9, $18, $29, $49, $99, and $150 Patrons