Rihanna "Skin" Striptease

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Hey everyone! Wow, doing this video was a massive pick-me-up. I wasn't feeling very sexy this morning and just wanted to stuff my face into some food, but I knew you guys are waiting for a new striptease video. So I dragged myself up and begrudgingly opened my gifts from Artorius, and they were so stunning!! They put my butt back into a groove, I hit record, and damn, I look about 1000x better than I felt I did in my head 😂😂😂 Goes to show I guess that we're often our own worst enemies. And that often the best antidote for sadness is to reconnect with your loved ones and get your body moving joyfully again. 

Thank you so much for pulling me back into real life and being my friend. 

What can I do to make you happier?



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