Flora Fauna Duo Figure Shoot (Nudes)



Hi everyone! Hope you're well! I just got back from Los Angeles and shot for my friend's beer company, Palmia and had a small family reunion to celebrate my little brother introducing his fiance to everyone :D The two are high school sweethearts and they knew each other since they were five years old. It was really fun and sweet and I loved seeing everyone. I'll post the Palmia photos soon! 

I've also got an awful cough right now that so severe, I tore a ligament on my obliques and can barely walk right now XD I've never felt anything like this but I'm seeing a doctor tomorrow so that I can keep working. Wish me luck! 

I just got this set back from my shoot with Flora and Fauna, the hippie girl who stayed with me for a week with her boyfriend and baby, and SeconDLife Photography, the favorite photographer of every traveling model I've met. Gosh, you can really tell that she's really in touch with herself and an incredibly sensual person. She makes me look repressed and Puritanical in comparison! While I was doing the awkward hover hand over her, she ground her hips into me, and I felt this electric mix of hard pubic bone and fluffy pubic hair. It made me feel like a dude with a bomb ass girl at my place, and it was really cool! I have four sets from this shoot that I'll post gradually. I hope you enjoy! 

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Nude photosets available to $4, $9, $18, $29, $49, $99, and $150Patrons 

Smeepy 🐋


Good evening! I scheduled an exclusive Patreon vid chat tonight but it turns out it's going to take a few more steps to get that set up here and I'm totally beat, so I'll send you guys a photoset and striptease video on Sunday! And a sneak peak at the photo I'll post on my social media next week (above). I'm also going to the food bank for the first time tomorrow and I'll show you my little haul :)

Thank you so much again for your continued support, I thank my lucky stars for you every day. Cheers to a new month!