Eek! Weight Gain Before Fashion Show

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I try not to weigh myself in order to stay sane, but took a peak today before my Saturday fashion show, and yikes! I'm the heaviest I've been in three years. That, and I get a message from my designer this morning informing me that I'm going to be wearing nothing but ethnic Hmong body jewelry... 

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Add to that, this model is pretty tiny. This figure is super coveted in the fashion industry and looks absolutely stunning on the runway, but I've never looked like this in my life. 

Coupled with that, I'm eating now better than ever, less stress-eating, and get enough exercise for a great bubble butt right now, but I've gotten comfy with my life and finally kicked all antidepressants. Which is great, but can also lead to weight gain (30% more likely to go up a weight class than untreated), especially the critical time window of 2-3 years after treatment, which is where I'm at. 

But dammit, I'm way too happy. I love you guys, life is great, food is delicious. So this will be the first time I'll try to lose weight without being super unhappy with how things are right now with my life. I love being curvy, but curvy body types don't gel naturally with fashion body types, and I want to slay this show and jump back into modeling like I never have before. To keep track, I've posted a video of my body right now and will update before my show and during the months after. 

What do you want to improve about yourself right now?


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Palmia Photos and Updated Fun/Sexy Short Vids

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Hey there! I'm sorry for the post delay. I'll be posting every day for the next few days and getting back to messages as penitence. It's been a mix of being under the weather and balls to the wall kiddie bubble shows this week. Popping lots of Ibuprofen and icing my sides. Speaking of ice, I just finished these photos with Palmia, a friend's beer brand available in stores all over the Bay Area. We shot this at my uncle's pool during our family reunion. I also posted some goofball videos from this shoot and updated my IG/FB short stories videos page. 

Tomorrow I'll post a sexy, poisonous BTS bath vid from my shoot on Friday with Lou Roule visiting from Brooklyn. I think you'll really like it! 

What are you up to this weekend?


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Mare Island Duo Shoot


Hi everyone! I hope you're having a lovely week. How are you spending your summer? I've been doing a bunch of magic bubble shows for kids. I took over my friend's gigs when he had to leave town after his boyfriend passed away, and I enjoyed the work so much that I've kept doing it. It's cute and goofy and the complete opposite of glamorous and I'll do a video for you when I can! 

I did a shoot with Sam Shiva and model Inertia Creeps on a place called Mare Island. I don't know why it's called Mare Island, but I'm rewatching Silicon Valley and can't get that horse breeding scene out of my head. I really can't believe they included that in the show:

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It's really fun to work with these too and a super chill atmosphere. I got a small fashion duo set, and an urban lingerie set in an awesome industrial setting. I posted the first one today and can't wait to share the second when I finish! 

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Darkest Fox and Big Ass Boots


Good evening! I hope you had a lovely July 4th! I watched fireworks by the pier with my cousin. I did a shoot yesterday with a San Francisco fetish lingerie company, Darkest Fox and kickass pair of super high leather boots given to me by a fan. We had a latex bodysuit and a series of body jewelry. When I look at these photos, I remember that I used to be irritated by my inherently thick body type. To me it doesn't look very professional, but after all the positive feedback I got from you guys, it makes me really glad that I'm unique and my look resonates with you. Thank you so much for tremendous boost to my self-confidence!! You're the best. 

Another model is staying over with me tomorrow for a week. Flora and Fauna  is visiting from Patagonia with her boyfriend and little baby. I'm in awe that she can travel full-time with a baby literally at her breast, and can't wait to pick her brain and get to know them. 

I got a request to post an anonymous-style dancing video of the hips and waist, which sounds fun! I'll do that this weekend. I hope you're well! 


Dude Who Never Paid Me (Clothed and Nude)


Good evening! I hope you're having a lovely long weekend so far. I wanted to share some photos from a shoot in Atlanta from a dude who never paid me. We arranged a 2-3 hour shoot in a park, clothed and nude where he caught some shots of stuff that's more than I'm comfortable with, and then refused to pay me because he thought the shoot was free. He didn't seem right in the head at all so there was no point arguing with him, but it was kind of a shitty cherry on top of a shitty trip with tons of cancellations that made me barely break even and lose a role in a Giants commercial back home in SF. 

Anyways, it was definitely times like that when you guys gave me a lot of hope, warmth, and support, to know that there are real people who want to help me when other people try to take advantage of me while I pursue my dreams. You guys keep me going while I navigate this stuff and figure out the next chapter in my life, and I hope once I find my next passion, I can take you with me too. I hope you enjoy these pics of questionable quality and artistic value XD


Baker Beach Fashion and Nude Set


Here's a shoot with Stefan Ski at the infamous Baker Beach, a gorgeous and frigid public nude beach with lovely vistas of the Golden Gate Bridge and North Bay. The nude visitors are usually stringy old guys trying to... I guess further jerkify their giblets to dessicated perfection. I had quite an audience of these odd birds, and I can't stop cracking up at one photo in the set with a guy in the shot, looking like a naked hippie mountain guru. 

I actually used to live right above Baker Beach and could hear the ocean from my window. It was lovely and terrifically cold because the apartments were old military barracks with minimal insulation. I lived there for a month before a traveling Italian chess master took my place and I moved on to my current roommate, 75 year-old Jerry :)


Kauai Waterfall Pics are Up! (Fashion and Nudes)


Hello! I'm starting my Patreon with one of my most hotly requested photosets of designer swimwear and art nudes on a waterfall in Kauai. 

It was my first time in Hawaii, and I was staying with my friends, a photographer, a software engineer, and a veterinarian, and they scouted out this secluded little spot for me and politely turned away while I got down and dirty :D The water was roaring and the rocks quite slippery, but the scenery was lovely and the swimwear bomb (by Mastahn Fanaka), so the results were very much worth the tiny moments of timidity and fear :) If you look at my feet, you can see the famous ombre red Hawaii clay staining them like dust on an intrepid puppy's paws. The clay was a little annoying to me at the moment because I didn't want to stain the swimwear, but they look so sweet to me now in retrospect. 

I'm looking forward to sharing more photos with you, to make new friends, and to make my patrons happy. Here's to a new endeavor! *hustle, hustle*

Fan Questions: 

1. Where do you want to travel next?

2. Where is your happy place, the place you think of to bring yourself peace?


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