Wild in Yellowstone (Nude Photos and Video)


It's my first day back from the oppressive Patreon censors! I had to hide my nude posts from the public and posted each and every one of them back on my personal website. I also need to gut my posts here and photoshop crappy lingerie on myself like above so I can show them in public again.

Anyways, I have SOO many stories, photos, videos, and things to share from my vacation in Yellowstone, but to start, we wandered down a path to Inspiration Point that was shut down and blocked off. I was nervous about what we'd find. Why is it blocked off? Is the path structurally unsound? Are there bears? We're surrounded by sheer cliffs and raging rivers, and looking at them will fill you with both awe and terror. I was surprised by what we found!


It was an off-duty construction site complete with machinery, bags of cement, pristine Port-o-Potty, and a serendipitous broken can of DEET bug spray buried underneath (I was getting eaten by mosquitoes by that point). They're expanding the path by building a balcony, and the road blocks meant that this site was so private that I could take off my clothes and pose for pictures! It was my lucky day!!

The light is slightly off when we shot with the big crane because it's hard to adjust for sunset light when two sides from the subject are sheer cliffs into nothingness. The sand and soil was also so loose that I had trouble climbing up and down on all fours. I felt vertigo mixed with excitement and mischief. Hope you enjoy and I can't wait to post more from my trip!



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Skinny Dipping in Inverness! (Nude Video)


I hope you had a lovely Memorial Day weekend! I definitely had a blast. A few of my friends visited from Germany and it was a full three days of immersion in a language I started learning last week. Lots of gutteral "guuSCHH-GHHHUUH-ISH" *cough*

Yesterday I found myself in Inverness, which is a sleepy little beach town 1.5 hours from San Francisco, nestled in the Point Reyes National Seashore. My friends' friend has a cottage right on the water and is a Professor Emeritus. He has an MD, PhD, and MPH, and currently devotes his life to doing research on occupational safety, health, and working conditions. I don't think there is enough support for people to be safe and healthy when they work, and it breaks my heart when people need to sacrifice their health to feed their families, etc., so I think his research is really noble and worthwhile.

Anyways, it was 55-60°F, but I jumped into the water anyways for your viewing pleasure, and I've got to say that the water was salty, muddy, and full of slimy, solicitous seaweed that kept brushing up against my body and nether regions no matter where or how I swam. A little bit of the video is cut out where I say, "Oh, I guess since this is for social media, I should pretend that everything's perfect and I have lots of money and am in a tropical paradise." before I drop back into cold-ass, muddy water with seaweed up my cootch.

Afterwards, we returned to the tiny cottage and ate fresh, local fish prepared with an Old German recipe, salad greens from the garden, homemade Elderflower Italian soda, and local ice cream they kept in old Sauerkraut jars. Sehr lecker! It was really fobby and very wholesome :)

How was your holiday?



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Dude Who Never Paid Me (Clothed and Nude)


Good evening! I hope you're having a lovely long weekend so far. I wanted to share some photos from a shoot in Atlanta from a dude who never paid me. We arranged a 2-3 hour shoot in a park, clothed and nude where he caught some shots of stuff that's more than I'm comfortable with, and then refused to pay me because he thought the shoot was free. He didn't seem right in the head at all so there was no point arguing with him, but it was kind of a shitty cherry on top of a shitty trip with tons of cancellations that made me barely break even and lose a role in a Giants commercial back home in SF. 

Anyways, it was definitely times like that when you guys gave me a lot of hope, warmth, and support, to know that there are real people who want to help me when other people try to take advantage of me while I pursue my dreams. You guys keep me going while I navigate this stuff and figure out the next chapter in my life, and I hope once I find my next passion, I can take you with me too. I hope you enjoy these pics of questionable quality and artistic value XD


Wild Wyoming River Nudes


Here are some nature nudes I took during a road trip to Wyoming to watch the 2017 solar eclipse :) I usually don't do nudes in nature because 1)I'm super sensitive to poison ivy 2)rocks are pointy, scratchy, and bruisey, 3)I chipped a tooth during a waterfall shoot and never got the pics back 4)I try not to flash children or non-consenting adults. This was an exception because it was so remote and it felt so good to scamper away from daily astronomy lectures conducted by our Dutch professor friends. 

I'm not sure if it's apparent here, but the river was almost white water level flow and I was terrified of losing my step and getting sucked into the water and pummeled by bladed faces of limestone. That didn't happen though, so we're good :D 

Looking back, I dearly wish I had started a Patreon earlier so I would have known to take videos. Now that you guys are always on my mind, though, I know to try to capture as much as I can live on film. Do you have any scary or exciting stories about being in nature?


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Yoga Swing BTS Photos and Video (Nudes)


Wooh! Thanks for being patient with me. After I got home from my Georgia, Tennessee, and Alabama tour, I pretty much slept nonstop until today. The world was this liminal smear of somnolence and fleeting consciousness. That was definitely interesting! And now I feel reinvigorated to take on the world again one nekky picture at a time. 

Anyways, I did this odd shoot on a yoga swing in a remote area north of Atlanta. The photographer, Artistically Sexy, hung this from a tree by one of his properties that are under construction and asked me if I was familiar with it. "Yeah!" I replied, "I saw one of those in my mom's house last time I visited. I thought it was some kind of kinky sex thing." 

Few minutes later and I was joyfully dangling from it and flipping myself around. This thing takes a surprising amount of muscle engagement, particularly core and glutes for stability, so I was delighted that I could do this. It was just over a year ago that I was stuck in bed day after day from depression, all vealed out and barely able to walk more than a block, and now I'm on a backwoods grownup swing. My butt was sooo sore the day after, but totally worth it. 

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Baker Beach Fashion and Nude Set


Here's a shoot with Stefan Ski at the infamous Baker Beach, a gorgeous and frigid public nude beach with lovely vistas of the Golden Gate Bridge and North Bay. The nude visitors are usually stringy old guys trying to... I guess further jerkify their giblets to dessicated perfection. I had quite an audience of these odd birds, and I can't stop cracking up at one photo in the set with a guy in the shot, looking like a naked hippie mountain guru. 

I actually used to live right above Baker Beach and could hear the ocean from my window. It was lovely and terrifically cold because the apartments were old military barracks with minimal insulation. I lived there for a month before a traveling Italian chess master took my place and I moved on to my current roommate, 75 year-old Jerry :)


Snow Lingerie Truckee Shoot w/Commentary

Thank you my Patrons for making this video possible and letting me post it publicly so I can bait more people into possibly supporting me :D I've got so much more to post and can't wait to show you and send you exclusives! 


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Kauai Waterfall Pics are Up! (Fashion and Nudes)


Hello! I'm starting my Patreon with one of my most hotly requested photosets of designer swimwear and art nudes on a waterfall in Kauai. 

It was my first time in Hawaii, and I was staying with my friends, a photographer, a software engineer, and a veterinarian, and they scouted out this secluded little spot for me and politely turned away while I got down and dirty :D The water was roaring and the rocks quite slippery, but the scenery was lovely and the swimwear bomb (by Mastahn Fanaka), so the results were very much worth the tiny moments of timidity and fear :) If you look at my feet, you can see the famous ombre red Hawaii clay staining them like dust on an intrepid puppy's paws. The clay was a little annoying to me at the moment because I didn't want to stain the swimwear, but they look so sweet to me now in retrospect. 

I'm looking forward to sharing more photos with you, to make new friends, and to make my patrons happy. Here's to a new endeavor! *hustle, hustle*

Fan Questions: 

1. Where do you want to travel next?

2. Where is your happy place, the place you think of to bring yourself peace?


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