Palmia Photos and Updated Fun/Sexy Short Vids

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Hey there! I'm sorry for the post delay. I'll be posting every day for the next few days and getting back to messages as penitence. It's been a mix of being under the weather and balls to the wall kiddie bubble shows this week. Popping lots of Ibuprofen and icing my sides. Speaking of ice, I just finished these photos with Palmia, a friend's beer brand available in stores all over the Bay Area. We shot this at my uncle's pool during our family reunion. I also posted some goofball videos from this shoot and updated my IG/FB short stories videos page. 

Tomorrow I'll post a sexy, poisonous BTS bath vid from my shoot on Friday with Lou Roule visiting from Brooklyn. I think you'll really like it! 

What are you up to this weekend?


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Oh Canada 🇨đŸ‡Ļ Striptease


Congrats on a new month, everyone!! I'm so happy that you've stuck it out with me so far and welcome my new members! I wanted to thank you all for your support with a rare striptease video and set of fun selfies. In case, you didn't know already, I'm Texan nÊe Canadian. I go back about once a year and always have fond memories of it. The AGO is my favorite art museum I've been to so far, you should definitely visit if you're in the area! 

If you guys have any ideas on videos, outfits, or themes, please let me know! I'm always welcome to new ideas. I'm doing a shoot with a lingerie company and on the beach next to Golden Gate bridge this week and can't wait to share them with you! 

Music is "Hideaway" by Kiesza, who's from Calgary! 


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Smeepy 🐋


Good evening! I scheduled an exclusive Patreon vid chat tonight but it turns out it's going to take a few more steps to get that set up here and I'm totally beat, so I'll send you guys a photoset and striptease video on Sunday! And a sneak peak at the photo I'll post on my social media next week (above). I'm also going to the food bank for the first time tomorrow and I'll show you my little haul :)

Thank you so much again for your continued support, I thank my lucky stars for you every day. Cheers to a new month! 

Heff and FP Nude Duo (Video and Photo)


Good afternoon! I'm SO SO SO happy to finally have Pay Up Front on Patreon, and wanted to celebrate with this amazing duo photo/video set with  Heff and Sam Shiva. He originally booked her in the morning and me in the afternoon, but since I look after the studio space for the entire time, I jumped in and starting splashing her with water. She has such a beautiful look and it makes me really happy to shoot with girls with very different looks and styles because it reminds me that there is a such a diversity of beauty out there. 

She's visiting from Pittsburgh and is such a delight. We had so much fun and I couldn't help but pose with her too. Afterwards, I took her to her very first weed dispensary and she was floored by all the selection and free samples. I'm totally hooked on duo shoots now and want to book as many as I can. They're full of giggles and softness and budding friendships :) I also really like retouching dark skin because it can really glow and I'm getting so bored of my pale ass complexion :P

I usually dub my BTS videos but I really like the splashing and laughing sounds in the original track, so I kept it intact. Thank you so much Sam, and I hope you all enjoy!


Dude Who Never Paid Me (Clothed and Nude)


Good evening! I hope you're having a lovely long weekend so far. I wanted to share some photos from a shoot in Atlanta from a dude who never paid me. We arranged a 2-3 hour shoot in a park, clothed and nude where he caught some shots of stuff that's more than I'm comfortable with, and then refused to pay me because he thought the shoot was free. He didn't seem right in the head at all so there was no point arguing with him, but it was kind of a shitty cherry on top of a shitty trip with tons of cancellations that made me barely break even and lose a role in a Giants commercial back home in SF. 

Anyways, it was definitely times like that when you guys gave me a lot of hope, warmth, and support, to know that there are real people who want to help me when other people try to take advantage of me while I pursue my dreams. You guys keep me going while I navigate this stuff and figure out the next chapter in my life, and I hope once I find my next passion, I can take you with me too. I hope you enjoy these pics of questionable quality and artistic value XD


Nashville Shower Shoot (Nudes)


Howdy! It's a new month, which means welcome my new Patrons and for my previous Patrons, welcome back! I'm so glad that I haven't scared you away with the photos I posted on Dropbox of my penis. 

I got a request for a shower video, which I will do as soon as I figure out the logistics of how to film it in an awkward bathroom space without possibly ruining my already cracked phone. In the meantime, I have this stunning shower set I did with Studio 8 Glamour while I stayed with him in Nashville. He's a TV writer, shot with several Playboy models, and has won five Emmy's. He also has a giant ass house because Los Angeles to Nashville real estate conversion rate is insane. I was so happy with how my skin glowed and how well he captured the rivulets of water running down my body :)

Also, every time I get asked to do a sexy shower shoot, I think of this comic by Oglaf: 


I'll definitely keep an eye out for beautiful bathrooms and shoot more stuff for you! 


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Baker Beach Fashion and Nude Set


Here's a shoot with Stefan Ski at the infamous Baker Beach, a gorgeous and frigid public nude beach with lovely vistas of the Golden Gate Bridge and North Bay. The nude visitors are usually stringy old guys trying to... I guess further jerkify their giblets to dessicated perfection. I had quite an audience of these odd birds, and I can't stop cracking up at one photo in the set with a guy in the shot, looking like a naked hippie mountain guru. 

I actually used to live right above Baker Beach and could hear the ocean from my window. It was lovely and terrifically cold because the apartments were old military barracks with minimal insulation. I lived there for a month before a traveling Italian chess master took my place and I moved on to my current roommate, 75 year-old Jerry :)


Shibari Set (Nudes)


Are you familiar with shibari? It's the Japanese art of rope bondage. It can range from fashion to some pretty crazy suspension stuff, and rope artists can be anywhere from novice to insane experts with their own breathing styles, motions, rituals. I took a tying lesson once with a Berkeley expert and it was insane. He tied up his wife in elaborate, perfect knots that were the perfect balance of tension all across her body in a few deft motions, and his wife just melted in his hands with joyful, safe surrender. I wasn't familiar until I came to San Francisco and met all the kinky hippies, but it turns out to be pretty popular wherever I go. Especially in less coastal places, shibari people are pretty excited to have an Asian canvas to work with. Here's a light version with Sam Shiva. Thanks again and enjoy! 


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