Timid Shower Video (Nudes)

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Herro! I took a shower this morning (*gasp*) and decided to record it for you. It's more timid and nervous and goofy than sexy but hopefully I can work up to that. I don't understand why kids don't like baths. It's seriously incredible. Easily top three experiences of the day. 

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If you had a ton of extra money to do something cool to your housing situation, what would you do? I'd double pane my bedroom windows and add a surround sound system and make it a rain room. I went to this incredible installation in the Art Gallery of Ontario where they simulated a tsunami in Japan with real water beating against the windows, humidity, and sounds of heavy rain whipping around you. My uncle said it was exactly like being back in Taiwan. I love listening to rain while falling asleep and it's a rare occurrence in California. Sleeping to rain in my bedroom would be so dope. But until then, showers are cool too :D

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Nashville Shower Shoot (Nudes)


Howdy! It's a new month, which means welcome my new Patrons and for my previous Patrons, welcome back! I'm so glad that I haven't scared you away with the photos I posted on Dropbox of my penis. 

I got a request for a shower video, which I will do as soon as I figure out the logistics of how to film it in an awkward bathroom space without possibly ruining my already cracked phone. In the meantime, I have this stunning shower set I did with Studio 8 Glamour while I stayed with him in Nashville. He's a TV writer, shot with several Playboy models, and has won five Emmy's. He also has a giant ass house because Los Angeles to Nashville real estate conversion rate is insane. I was so happy with how my skin glowed and how well he captured the rivulets of water running down my body :)

Also, every time I get asked to do a sexy shower shoot, I think of this comic by Oglaf: 


I'll definitely keep an eye out for beautiful bathrooms and shoot more stuff for you! 


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