If You Laugh, You Lose

I freaking love Vines. I really wish it was still around. Here's my closest approximation of Vines with my IG/FB stories that I've collected over the years that are too weird, sexy, or funny for me to post on my regular feed. Videos like these would not be possible without you, because I got the whole idea for a collection to post on my Patreon, and I wouldn't have the time to learn to edit video and dig through my ridiculous archive of videos without you. I'm looking forward to compiling an extra sexy version of this soon! Before, I had no use for making videos too sexy for FB or IG, but now that I have Patreon, I'm starting to make vids just for you. I'm still refining my collection to post here but I'll have it in a couple of days. Thank you so much again!!

31 IG/FB Story Videos are up!



If you follow either my Instagram or Facebook stories, you'll know that I post goofy little videos of myself and my life every day. I try to keep them playful and interesting. I can't stand other models' stories that are only their selfies with dog filters or shots of their food. Anyways, they're about 5-15 seconds long and disappear forever into the ether of the internet after 24 hours, and I have hundreds of these archived that I'd like to share with you over time. I posted 28 cute, silly ones, and want to thank you again for supporting me

And for my $18+ patrons, I posted three nude stories as an extra special thank you! 

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